buted. When the laminae of bones, tinged with madder, are exa-
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in the cases alluded to at the commencement of this paper, where
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This opinion seems to be also held by Treviranus. In page 30,
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It is evident at once that the relative water content in the
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cated practitioners, who know but little of the agent which they employ,
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The diagnostic characters of nephritic colic are the suddenness of the
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with a little chees}^ matter, or else are hardened thronghout into cretaceous
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tonitis was developed in the course of the affection, the peritoneal inflam-
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3. There is reason to believe that t3'phus and typhoid fever have each
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equivalent to the loss of the whole of one of the organs, and the remaining
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insanity sufficient to require or warrant confinement in institutions for the
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as those attending the development of other fevers. The febrile career
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declared. The processes of digestion and assimilation are usually very
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semble those usually considered characteristic of the spinal
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valuable lectures on external pathology. Hospital gangrene soon
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our existing knowledge. The spleen is sometimes enlarged and softened,
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The existence of paralysis does not involve any inability to exert acts of
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the disease is one of nutrition ; the production of sugar being the result
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quences of the habits which have induced it. And the patient will be
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itis. It is doubtful if inflammation of the stomach or intestinal canal be
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A third type consisting of free endings in the epithelium of the
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occurs in the minority of cases, viz., 39 of 91 cases analyzed by Frerichs.
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4. Ramus cutaneus facialis and the anastomosis with the ramus auricularb
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