was appointed attending surgeon to St. Peter's Hospital.
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This circumstance seems to indicate that polymyositis is associated with severe
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In our opinion, everything seems to indicate that some special, specific,
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for surgical dressing. However, if one is warned, in some
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of the disease, the indications may be sufficiently characteristic
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ivcnt up and down his own country until no place of im-
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New York City. Dr. Flint married, in 1895. at New York, Marion
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York Medical College in 1860, and from 1865 to 1870 he occupied that
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Cruising and Blockading. A naval story of the late war.
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dron Lambert was obtained in New York City ; he received instruction
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apprehension and misuse of the word ' disinfectant ' will be appreciated
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Institute, New York ; Professor Internal Medicine at New York Post-
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tion to the Rhode-Island hearts present ; and the meeting ad-
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But let us listen to Dr. Leven's wise remarks on the subject
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position as when first seen, rigid, fixed. Once during the night
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from the eighth to the twentieth day. It follows infiltration
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St. Joseph's Hoapital. Philadelphia. He then settled in
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The same principles should be followed acd the same
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no doubt that malaria, in its under sense of "bad air," was the
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improvement? Is it nature, or my treatment, or both acting in
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both from a business and a medical point of view, of the State
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(Delorme). Besides, even if, with certain wounded, pre-
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usual, and, in such weather, very imprudent for a man of
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feeling aroused among his professional associates by this untimely and most
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metropolis in which mind-healers found a welcome. Immedi-
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Practitioners' Society, of which he is a charter member. He is a
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discoverable. The statements of masseurs as to palpable nodes and indurations
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Limited or extensive emphysema is an immediate com-
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sanguinaria the induration and ulceration are more often pri-
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and has occupied from the first the position of a recognized
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he has held to his hospital appointments. At present he is consulting
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months for " alcoholic trance " to become as frequent and suc-
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gradual but certain decrease in the severity of the epidemic. In Toulon, last year,
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throat, New York Post-Graduate and Medical School, and Professor
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nosis may be regarded as favorable on the whole, but it should always be
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tolerated. Therefore at present, by common consent, it is
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He was president of the New York Academy of Medicine in 1852,
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bers of sailors walking the streets having no p>articular
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centres of medical instruction, where he watched with
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make these two segments especially liable to simultaneous
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puncture, in case of need by drainage, which must not reach
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