Watch that same patient during the progress of ulceration,

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lobular character of the inflammation and its gradual clevelojMnent to a

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your city officials to act. If certain of the good people ot

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first individual, grains, 47.86 ; in the second individual, grains, 24.70 ; average for

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placed upon the dorsal convexity and the other on the lumbar con-

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in I ; and in i case the ball was twice perforated, and

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Distinct leprous infiltration, with degeneration, of the testicles is recorded

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(coxa vara). [On curvatures of the neck of the femur.]

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and various other substances. Wood says that he has often per-

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by advertisement that any one may apply for the office who wishes, and let

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Before leaving the subject of acute intussusception, I would

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reached the conclusion that " puerperal fever or pyaemia " is

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departmental forces, Civil Affairs, and other agencies, as may be

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solar dermatitis. Thus the twenty-five persons with a definite

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had some ideas of their own as to the proper treatment of

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built houses for themselves on top of the ancient tombs,

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was almost completely filled with the exudations. The cut

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Therap. Gaz., Detroit, 1885, 3. s., i, 225. — Whalcu

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to the problems and abuses inherent in “black market”

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1 case — the average number of pulsations per minute being

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may complain that her arm feels heavy, or she may drag her arm slightly in

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" Mortimer accounts for the defeat of the rebel army, by the

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heralded great days for education, medicine, and science in our

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Dr. Tyler, in his annual report, remarks that "Fidelity

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manuals for use in connection with lectures, and for subse-

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motor phenomena occur w-hen progressive muscular atrophy is asso-

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Murri, who investigated the pathogenesis of (puuiue hsemoglo-

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conducting or supporting immunization programs, and the furnishing to State health

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very restless you should not attempt instrumental interfer-

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that by having an underground market, at about Sixty-

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stomach in this manner; as shell-fish, and, indeed, all fish, to those

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deducted. This increase is seen to be greatest in the adipose tissue ether

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35 ; in the thorough or highly-bred horse, especially if he be of

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confequeiitly of contending tor ihe premium announced, on the other,

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SOFJAN LAMID, MD and RICHARD I. H. WANG, PhD, MD, Milwaukee, Wisconsin