from this, that no less than 58 per cent, of those who have had smallpox,

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cases, as all that is important will be found in the summary given at the

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be present in the suspected material to be examined in

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at least, lost its size and strength, the muscles becoming soft and flabby,

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of the affected joint; control of muscular action ; relief

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all parts of the country, and light from the farthest east flying to the

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ficiently prove. It is not possible within the space al-

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pitals are not yet organized in such a way as to render

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denly with severe pain over McBumey'a point, felt nauseated.

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patient seemed on the point of death, thought it right to bring the edges of

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mouth, nose, and right ear, for a short time previous to his death, Bailly,

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banquet by the Champaign County Medical Society, April 11.

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$10,000,000 for the sewer system, operates these farms

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July 26th, present state.— Tongue reddish, diphtheritic, not furred; con-

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two or three days previous to the time Dr. Mitchell saw him,

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proportion is a saturated solution in 70 per cent, alcohol.

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country, and particularly amongst the military, rather large quantities of

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acquainted; but the narration of whose case I communicate in his own

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liquefies and forms the perilymph. The cartilaginous

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the success of every deserving enterprise, which has for its object the fur-

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is not affected. He declares no trace of the disease is

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will be provided for.. A program of entertainment for the

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had been regular but slow, during the night ; and I proceeded to examine

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been made were averted when the cause was recognized

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ment of hematin crystals, and their source can some-

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of the ovaries or ovaiy, and finally curing the displacement

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the lancet. This state, occurring in females, would be called hysteria, in

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Treatment of Cancer in South America} — Dr. Germont, in his travels

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bacteria and turbidity are coincident, simply because the

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error, attributable either to ignorance or rashness, and should in nowise be

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hearing; those slightly hard of hearing. To the first class be-

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still in the hospital, are distinct instances of three of the exciting causes of