Registrar-General of Ireland ; Mr. T. M. Stone, London ; The Registrar of the

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that day, after retiring to rest, she was seized with flatulent pains and

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forage. Enormous supplies of hay were burnt at the vei-y last to keep

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Dr. Sutton, Dr. Corner (Medical Officer of Health, London), Dr.

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wide question indeed — one that involved the most careful consideration ;

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were actuated much by the same feelings and passions as actuated

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he holds office for two years, and may be re-elected, preference being

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alluded to the opportunities afforded by the hospital to all the students

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prevail in these houses and villages, and are classed in the return as

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Sansom, A. E., M.D. The Sulpho-Carbolates; and the Antiseptic

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view. I now directed an assistant to compress the abdominal w'alls

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on account of " enthetic disease" is, in all probability, somewhat less

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Mr. Heckstall Smith proposed "The Health of Dr. Falconer, the

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Next day I sent a person to find the dog and bring it to me, but my

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As the field-post does not carry parcels, but forwards letters of

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conveyed disease from one body to another. The perspiration of the

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a cause of degraded health in many cases in which it could not be