, a member of the Home Standard family of websites, was founded by and is operated by Ted Roberson, CEO. He resides in Colorado and, along with a small virtual staff, strives to provide the best Teddy Robersonknowledge on how to use the product(s) offered on as well as other facts about healthy living.
Home Standard is an Amazon Seller Affiliate and website is intended to increase the knowledge of users of Home Standard product(s) safely as well as other ways to incorporate the use of essential oils and healthy living into your daily life.
We are not medical professionals. Do not use any information on this website to replace the advice of quality healthcare professionals. Tell your health care provides what essential oils you use and how your use them. If you are ill or have a chronic disorder, whether physical, mental or emotional, seek the help of licensed medical professionals.
Ted Roberson, his staff, Home Standard and are in no way liable for your use of product(s) offered on, including but not limited to allergic reactions. Use a skin patch test before using a new essential oil to ensure it is safe for you. We are not liable for any misuse of the product(s) nor any damages resulting from the use or misuse of the product(s) or advice provided here.
Robertson and Home Standard hope that the information provided through is helpful to you and will inspire you to incorporate natural healthy living practices into your life. Reducing the use of non-natural and chemical products and environmentally sound living is the goal of this knowledge site.
Some links to outside websites may represent affiliate links from which Home Standard earns a small commission. Please support our site by purchasing supplies through these links to help keep growing to become the best knowledge website possible.
Thank you for visiting and Home Standard. Live happy, healthy and enjoy the freedom of a quality life.
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