How To Use Your Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser Effectively and Safely

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You’ve order an Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser with the included eBook Beginners Essential Oil Handbook. In anticipation, you’ve chosen and purchased a few essential oils to use in your diffuser. Now, the diffuser has been delivered to your home. You excitedly open the box and are tempted to just plug it in and figure it out as you go. Don’t do it. You should first read these detailed instructions on how to effectively and safely use the diffuser with your essential oil. After all, you don’t want to damage your new diffuser or use it in a way that could harm you or your family.


Inside The Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser Box

Inside the box you will find the diffuser, a neatly wrapped AC power adapter and a very short set of directions. Here we will go into much more detail so you fully understand the Aromasent Diffuser. essential oil mist diffuser
First of all, look at your diffuser On the top of the diffuser you will see a small opening that is rectangular. There is where the mist comes out of the diffuser. Never cover this opening when the diffuser is in operation.
There are two modes for creating essential oil mist. One mode creates mist for 30 seconds and then stops for 30 seconds. The second mode creates mist continually. Later we’ll get to the best ways to use the Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser’s two mist modes. The button to the left of the word “mist” on the lower front of the diffuser is also the power button. Press the button once to turn the diffuser on in 30 second mist mode. Press the button again to obtain continual mist mode.

The button on the left lower front controls the lighting mode. By default the lights are off. Press the button once to start the lights in rotating mode. This means that the colors will slowly and continually change through the seven available colors. If you prefer that the light remains on a single color or shines a pleasing dim white, simply press the button repeated until the color you want appears and release. That color will remain until you either change lighting modes or turn the diffuser off.
Next, open your Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser by grasping the cone shaped area above the base and gently turning clockwise. Look at the interior. Inside you will see a small cup-like container where the water and essential oils are place. Look carefully and you will see a line inside this reservoir that is the maximum fill marker for placing liquids inside the diffuser. Never fill above this line or you may damage the electronics of the diffuser because moisture may splatter out of the reservoir while it is in operation.
In the center of the reservoir you’ll see a small element that really looks much like a dot. This is where the heat rises into the liquid to diffuse the water and oils mixture.
Many other products require you to purchase purified water for use in the equipment. This can be a hassle, costs money and if you don’t have it on hand you can’t safely use your diffuser. The Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser operates on simple tap water. If you wish to use purified water, you certainly can do so but it is not necessary.
When filling the reservoir with water, you should not get the rest of the equipment wet because it could damage the electronic and short out the electric wiring inside the diffuser. If you get the interior surface of the

aromatherapy diffuser
Aromasent Tank Reservoir

diffuser damp because of a droplet of water, dry it up immediately. If you spill a large amount of water, unplug the product before drying to prevent potential electric shock.
Once you understand the parts of your Aromasent diffuser, you can get it ready to operate. Turn the diffuser over so you can see the base. Get the electric AC adaptor and plug the round end into the round plug on the bottom of the diffuser. There is an indentation so that the entire adapter end will go in far enough to be flush with the bottom. Be sure you insert the adapter end all the way so your diffuser will sit level on the location where you wish to place it. There is also an indentation to insert the cord so that it does not cause the diffuser to wobble. Plug the electric plug on the other end of the cord into any AC outlet.
Use a small measuring cup with a small amount of water to fill the reservoir to the maximum fill line. It is fine if you put less water into the reservoir but do not overfill it.
From the essential oils (not included) you have purchased either online or at your local health food store or wellness center, select the oil you wish to use during this aromatherapy session or to refresh your home. Of course, you should have performed skin patch tests to ensure you do not have an allergic reaction to the oils you have available (link to safety and skin patch article). Later, you can create blends of oils to obtain the exact benefits or scent that you desire, but for this first operation, let’s use one essential oil.
Your essential oil bottle should have either an eye dropper top or an insert in the bottle opening that only allows one drop at a time to leave the bottle. Essential oil is very strong and small amounts go a long way. Drop into the reservoir just two (2) or three (3) drops of oil. As you use the diffuser, you’ll learn if you prefer more or less oil. Different people have varying abilities to smell and if you do not smell well, you may find that five or even six drops of oil work best for you. If you have a sensitive nose, you may not want more than two (2) drops of oil. Experiment with the amount of oil that is most effective for you. For the first use, try not more than three drops of oil. If this is not enough after the mist begins spraying, you can turn off the diffuser, open it and add more oil, close it and turn it back on.
After filling the reservoir and adding the oil of your choice, place the top portion of the diffuser back on the base and close by gently turning counterclockwise.

aromatherapy diffuser
adding essential oils to the diffuser

Power the Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser by pressing the button labeled “mist” once. The indicator light will come on. This not only powers the unit but places it in cycling mist mode. If you wish, press the “light” button once and turn on the light in changing light mode or choose a single color light by repeatedly pressing the button until you reach the color you desire.
Now, sit back and relax. Allow the unit to warm the reservoir, a very short time. Look at the mist outlet on the edge of the top of the diffuser and you’ll see a stream of extremely fine mist particles shooting into the air.
A very nice feature of the Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser not on every other similar product is the automatic turn off capability. If the unit operates more than six (6) hours, the liquid will be used up and the reservoir becomes dry. The Aromasent Diffuser senses this condition and automatically turns itself off to prevent any potential fire hazard. If you choose to set up your diffuser in the bedroom with an essential oil that helps you sleep, you do not have to fear. If you sleep more than six (6) hours, you’ll awaken to find the unit in off more. This is a very nice safety feature. Not only does it prevent any potential fire but it prevents the unit from burning out since it is not designed to operate with the reservoir empty.
When you wish to change scents, simply remove the top of the unit and turn it upside down over a sink. If the scent you are removing is strong, refill the reservoir and empty it again. Repeat several times to remove all the previous oil. You can wipe the reservoir out with a small cloth or ear swab if you feel it needs cleaning.
For refreshing the smell of your home and providing mild benefits to health and mood, turn your diffuser on and go about your business. If you wish to enjoy the full benefits of a true aroma scent therapy session, sit or lie near the diffuser so that you breathe more of the mist.
The Aromatherapy Diffuser is great for meditation. Use one of the scents that help focus the brain combined with a scent that relaxes and provides a feeling of serenity. Turn the light on alternating light mode

Aromatherapy Diffuser
Closing the oil diffuser lid

and clear your mind as you sit or lie and watch the soothing light display.
The single light mode is great for setting a specific mood. If you need to relax, choose your personal favorite from the blue or purple. If you want to increase energy, select the yellow or red color. If you simply want a nice mood light, choose the color that best suits you at the moment or fits your décor. The white light makes a great night light for guests or children.
Some Quick Fact and Tips:
Do not submerge or allow the interior of the diffuser to get wet.
Do not attempt to operate the unit with an empty reservoir
Use regular tap water
Add one or more essential oils to create the blend you desire. The blended oils offer combined benefits.
For an intense aromatherapy session, sit or lie near the unit
For home refreshing and mild aromatherapy benefits, go about your normal activities.
The unit will automatically shut off if the reservoir runs dry, so feel free to turn it on at bedtime and allow it to run during the night with your favorite sleep enhancing essential oil. It will shut off when empty.
Never obstruct the exit vent where the mist leaves the unit.
You diffuse is not a toy and should be operated only by someone old enough to understand how to safely and effectively operate it.
Clean the reservoir with a soft rag or swab if it appears to have minerals collecting from your water supply. It will not need cleaning often since so little water is used.
To change oils, empty the reservoir by dumping any remaining water/oil mixture in a sink.
Enjoy the benefits of the best aromatherapy essential oil diffuser available. Your Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser will keep your home smelling fresh and provide health and wellness benefits. Read the included guidebook to learn the benefits from some of the most common and popular essential oils. There are hundreds of oils available in addition to those listed in the Beginners Guide. You can learn about them on the internet or by consulting with a wellness or herbal expert.

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