Favorite Essential Oils for Men and their Benefits

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Often, men do not think there is any need for essential oils in their lives. Perhaps this is because their spouse or, if single, the ladies they know frequently use flowery scents and men don’t think that there are any masculine essential oils. This belief is totally incorrect. There are lots of practical and beneficial ways men can incorporate therapeutic grade essential oils into their lives. Today, we will look at the men’s favorite essential oils and the benefits when used in aromatherapy via home diffusers for essential oils or in a useful recipe, or through other means of allowing the tiny particles of the oil to enter the lungs or skin.
Safety should always come first and many essential oils are simply too concentrated to apply directly to the skin. If you are not familiar with safe use of essential oils, please read our information on safety before using any essential oil.

Seven Most Popular Masculine Essential Oils

First, let’s look at essential oils that have a more masculine scent and the benefits of the male favorites. This does not mean that these same oils do not have benefits for ladies; it only means that men are more likely to essential oilsfind the scent of the oil. These are in alphabetical order, not in order of popularity.
Bay – Do not confuse bay essential oil with bay laurel oil. While they smell similar, they are quite different in their benefits. Bay smells spicy and warm. When properly diluted for direct skin application, it helps heal muscle strains and sprains. Research indicates that placing bay oil directly on the skin or diluted too little, it can impact blood clotting, so only use very small amounts of this essential oil in your carrier oil or cream. When used in hair care products, it reduces oil in oily hair and treats dandruff. It improves circulation when used in the proper dilution.
Black Pepper – Although made from black peppercorns, this essential oil will not make you sneeze or cause your eyes to water. It is popular for blending with other essential oils rather than as the single oil in aromatherapy. It blends well with most other oils and enhances their fragrance. When diluted in any carrier oil alone or in a blend, it helps muscle soreness, and minor strains or sprains. It also helps relieve arthritis pain. It tends to produce a feeling of stamina, alertness, focus and energy when used in aromatherapy blends. Because of the energy and alertness benefit, it is not suggested for use near bedtime.
Cypress – Cypress has a wonderful fresh herb-like, woody scent and also blends very well with other essential oils. Benefits of using cypress essential oil in aromatherapy include energy boost and mental clarity and focus. Benefits of using this essential oil in diluted applications on the skin include treatment of hemorrhoids, varicose veins, oily skin, rheumatism and reducing perspiration.
Ginger – This oil smells warm and spicy and is great for blending with other scents. Because good quality ginger essential oil is very strong, it should not be used in homemade mixtures for topical although it is good for circulation. If you wish to use it topically or orally, go to a local educated herbal specialist and request a safely blended mixture or purchase crystalized ginger slices or ginger tea available at grocers and health food shops. When used for aromatherapy in a diffuser ginger improves digestion, relieves nausea and motion sickness. It uplifts your mood and increases energy and improves libido when used in a diffuser.
Patchouli Essential Oil – This rich, earthy fragrance is not only a favorite of men but women love it too. In fact, it has aphrodisiac properties that attract women to men who use this essential oil. It relieves stress and when mixed with a carrier oil to dilute it for application on the skin, it fights athlete’s foot, skin irritation, eczema, and acne. It helps repel insects and increases energy.
Sandalwood – Sandalwood has a woody yet sweet aroma. It is used in aromatherapy for its calming effect. It tends to generate a feeling of peace. It reduces stress, helps relieve mild depression and improves the senses of well-being and self esteem
Vanilla – Vanilla is another absolute and is made from the vanilla bean. It is an aroma everyone is quite familiar with and smells earthy, sweet and sensual. In fact, one of its benefits in aromatherapy is the aphrodisiac effect. Other benefits include antioxidant properties, ant carcinogen, depression relief, mildly sedative, calming effect and can help reduce fever.
Vetiver – This oil has a woody, spicy, smoky and somewhat earthy aroma that is rather strong. It is very good when diluted well or used in small quantities blended with other oils. It reduces anxiety, fear, exhaustion and feelings of anger or insecurity. It is also very grounding and focusing and many people love to use it in a blend of oil in a aromatherapy diffusers for essential oils and meditation, prayer or self affirmation.

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Many More Masculine Essential Oils

This is not a complete list of masculine essential oils, only those that are true favorites. In our next blog post, we will publish some very useful recipes and methods for using these and other essential oils. You can easily find hundreds of essential oils that have masculine aromas by simply searching the web. We will also mention some others that men like in our next post.  Of course one great way to use masculine essential oils for aromatherapy and a pleasing scent in the home or office where used is by placing one or a blend of masculine essential oils in your Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser.

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